Flip it Fast Formula Can’t compete with this

Neat program. But look, it is still a short sale program. Same old same old, new package. Create margin as a middleman in the transaction. Cool twists, but you’re chasing a sought after, finite number of deals. Also, short sales are very difficult. Don’t forget that you’re negotiating with the foreclosing entity that has to turn around and cut a deal with lien and mortgage holders behind it in line. However, if the bank choose to foreclose instead, the mortgage company wipes out all claims behind it on the property. This one is also pricey, at almost a thousand bucks. One final word on this program. You have to put down earnest money. And you have to put a ton of offers out to get one to fall. So this can get expensive quick..
The deed grabber. This program is by Rick Dawson.. This teaches how to get the deed prior to a tax sale in order to own it redemption cost. Great upshot potential, strong program, great price point. BUT, it works only in trust deed states and you do in fact have to flip the property. The best programs show you how to profit without actually owning the property.. And, the idea that you can buy a deed for a few hundred bucks. Most cases, speaking from experience, that is unrealistic. I don’t care if you have some secret terminology. It is inexpensive. But these deals are very rare.


Third product by Rick Dawson is Court house riches. Actually pretty cool. It’s a combo set from Rick Dawson and has some good info. But about a grand for this? Yikes. Is this rick’s version of a ‘best of’ compilation? If so, I’ll skip the box set.
J Beck’s free and clear real estate system. It’s a tax sale investment system. This is well written, detailed. Under 20 bucks. Two big issues though. Forty dollar monthly subscription not mentioned. And there’s a lot of complaints about attempted back end up selling. Lots of complaint chatter out there.


Jack Bosch’s land profit generator. This is updated land profit formula. Basically, it’s a different take on buying deeds on property coming up for tax sale foreclosure.. Same problem as with deed grabber. You still have to flip it to capture equity. Unless you’ve been under a rock, the thought of having to re-sell the property, regardless of how cheap, doesn’t turn you on. Two Grand price tag? Whew…. Jack is obviously damn proud of that course.


Rebel Millionaire System program. There is a plus to this. That is, the partnership aspect that is offered. Unfortunately, the course is way pricey. Yep another one approaching two thousand big ones. Plus we’re not fans of short sale based programs. The middleman deal here sucks. Sorry, not our top choice.


And then we come to judgment recovery business courses. Specifically, judgement recovery biz start up training systems– Up until recently, this was one of our top picks. There are a lot of choices. The best ones are those written by Sierra Judgment Recovery and then Peter Gilboy. Wonderful systems with sensational documentation. And the price is right. jack bosch


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